Code Red Organisation – groove thrashmetal from germany

Deceiver - the first full-length album by Code Red Organisation - was published
September 16th 2016 on Showtime / SPV.

Thus the rise of the german metal band is finally audible for all. Recorded in the scene known
Iguana studios the four musicians rocking countless riffs on the plate, studded with hooklines,
which settle in the head and inspire.

The band consists of the two guitarists Heiko Kratz and Frank Ungewickel, who’s showing also

responsible for the lead vocals, and the rhythm section with bassist Klaus Kirschbaum and drummer Tilman Collmer. Many former band experiences are unmistakeable.

In the music of Code Red Organisation, thrashy passages meet groovy parts, which often provoke comparison with Metallica, Machine Head and Exodus. Shortly after its foundation in 2014, Code Red Organisation played their first gig with Pro Pain and convinced from the outset with their charisma, their skill and their professionalism.

There were many gigs with various wellknown bands (Slapshot, Madball, Bishops Green, V8
Wankers, The Casualties, Ost+Front uva). 2015, followed by several concerts and a support tour with The Exploited. Code Red organization played in recent years in 7 european countries.

In autumn 2016 they toured Germany and eastern Europe. In April / May 2017, Code Red
Organisation will be on tour again - this time for 22 concerts in 12 countries.